some may ask, where are tom and joel these days? well here, you can find out.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Tom and Joel are getting their act together

Tickets booked.
Tom leaves for Kathmandu via Delhi on the 1st March.
Joel leaves for Tokyo on the 2nd April.
From Tokyo we surface in Osaka, fly via Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City, then embark on the 'Singapore Circle':
Vietnam--->Possibly Lao--->Cambodia--->Thailand (Ko Samet, Pattay, Bangkok, Ko Phanang)--->Malaysia--->Singapore

See what we did there? Alliteraton is a beautiful thing.

Then we fly to Sydney, hang around for a bit, fly to Fiji, stay there for a week or so, then spend the last night in LA before arriving back in London on the 8th of August.

Here's a map:

Now, does anyone have any money I can borrow?

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

so where are tom and joel? (going)

not very far, at the moment. currently working on a tight budget with some tight deadlines, as March edges closer. at the moment i'm looking at an average budget of about 11 pounds a day. hurrah! Febuary is going to hectic with taekwondo gradings, (hopefully) university interviews and lots of gap year organisation. at least i won't be going out much, with a severe lack of friends due to growing up with organised companions.

SO here is the plan so far. Its a bit rough, and google maps isn't happy with drawing lines from sydney onwards, but zooming in seems to work. The labels arn't quite right either, but it's 00.23 and i want to go to bed.

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