some may ask, where are tom and joel these days? well here, you can find out.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

notes from tom's febuary so far.

the month in a whole hasn't been very interesting so i thought i might write down just a few sections of entries from my journal -

1/2 - went to oonaghs in the evening, bernie got a Teasmade from Ed, which is amazing! I want one. Better than any other technology invented in the last 30 years.
2/2 - Woke up at 3am with all my clothes and light on. Nice. Got my haircut. Sometimes i think it looks good, and sometimes i think it makes me look like i've got down syndrome.
5/2 - Pancake day today, ate 8 pancakes, felt real good afterwards.
6/2 - Started work on my falmouth project. Only 17 days at Sitel left!
7/2 - I can draw cows, and birds and wine bottles ok, but what the fuck use are they if i'm trying to get some meaning into it? I think i'm just going to draw landscapes and bullshit it.
9/2 - Hung out with my sister most of today. Was really nice, made me realise how much i love her and how much i'll miss her. Lovely Saturday. Didn't do enough/any falmouth work though.
11/2 - today i went to work. it was ok. in the evening i did falmouth work. it went ok.
12/2 - highly unproductive, i got 0 falmouth work done, and considering i have to send it off on friday and i have about 10 pieces left to do, this is very bad.
13/2 - the big distraction of today from work was my new iPod. I love it...