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Saturday, 26 July 2008

and what tom's doing...

Sorry i haven't blogged in such a while. I don't really have much of an excuse, except Joel always seems to get there much faster than me.

war memorial in Canberra. light was really nice. we found out after this that the whole hill this memorial is on is a huge museum, full of about every war Aus has been in.

I got into rainy Sydney about 15 minutes ago, although warmer than the south, it's much more wet. Down south we've been doing the nature part of our travels, with lots of bird spotting, wombat cuddling and kanga feeding. I didn't realise how tame some of the animals here are, on a walk with Meredith we saw kangaroos that came right up to you, and multicoloured birds that landed on my shoulder. Which was just lovely.

koala! kawaii!

hmm. i've forgotten what this is called. but the others didn't look like this one...


Because of Joel having to go to his stinking film festival on time, and me having to get back to sydney to find another drinking partner and in a few days depart for fiji, we only got to stay one night at Merediths, which i've been wanting to visit since i was about 10. But it was still a lovely evening, her home is all you could ever want in the middle of the "bush", with lots of wood and comfy chairs around a fire. Its so lovely to stay in a home, instead of sharing a room with some bunks in. So thanks, Meredith!

The "bush" around Merediths house

Merediths house. Very cosy.

Travelling is getting worryingly closer and closer to not being travelling, and being home. With money being how it is i'm starting to dread the idea of a routine, but at least every time i think about it i stop taking this amazing holiday for granted, and enjoy every little thing about it.

Tonight i meet Cat, a Sydneyer I met the first time i was here, who's putting me up for the last few nights in Aus. Pictures should be up, a few days after the blog is published, of course.




Anonymous said...

hey tom, lovely to hear what you up to - we in the full heat of summer here and friday entertained sydneyers who are stopping in japan on way back. they offered you a bed, hospitality but you'll probably cross in the sky i reckon.
shame about only one night in merediths, freckles the adopted cat, cloptons contribution to amicable animals, is very friendly, but has been decapitating rabbits and eating out their innards. realise this isn't a post a comment - sorry, getting carried away.
all well here, missing you, yes, stay in the mmoment for each and every remaining minute of your travels. can offer you a week in a tent in cornwall on your return if by any remote chance you're interested.
love Mumx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom
I've always wanted to go to Batemans Bay. Looks lovely.

YOu seemed to enjoy the animals. Arnt wombats solid.

Shame about the short stay in Yuan, next time longer perhaps.

Enjoy it all.

Womad was good though sales not as high as Glastonb due to rubbish fest layout. We live and learn.

Lot of L