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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Oh, and the Pope says hi.

We're back in Sydney for one night only, stopping off on our way down to Canberra.
Frankly, it's a little strange. Yesterday was World Youth Day, and the Pope was down under to greet the masses. Today everyone who came to see him is leaving Sydney, but for some reason everybody has matching rucksacks and calls each other 'pilgrim'. It feels like we've come back to some weird future Sydney from a sci-fi novel, but it's still a nice city and friendly.

We spent the last 10 days in Byron Bay doing...well, not doing much at all. If that sounds lazy, then it's because you've never been to Byron; it's a place that's pretty well suited to doing not much at all.

IMG_6865It has sunsets like this every day.

Not only was our hostel rather nice, but they gave us free bike rental, so we spent a large portion of our time pedaling. Also, the beach is very pretty there, perfect for lounging around or going into the sea when you feel like braving the cold, and the waves (I got hit by a very big one). Byron is a lovely, friendly town, so it was always nice to walk around. Not to mention the huge selection of cake shops.

IMG_7039It also has moonrises like this at the same time every day.

Today we arrived in Sydney at 6am after a bus journey for which we packed cheese and avocado sandwiches, chocolate bars, fruit and double chocolate and pecan brownies (a selection representative of our stay in Byron). We tried checking into our suspiciously cheap hostel twice, then went to see a free break dancing performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art. We had a stroll around Sydney, then finally made our way into our room, before having more cake and tea.
You'll notice that that's the third mention of cake in this post, and well...most people know how much cake I eat in England. And I'll tell you what...Australia has done nothing to assuage this obsession. I've had to separate my money into 'accommodation budget', 'travel budget', 'food budget' and then 'cake budget'. Don't worry though guys, I'm on top of it.
Tomorrow we get the bus down to the suspiciously expensive hostel in Canberra, then meet up with Meredith (Tom's aunt) in a couple of days. I'm trying at the moment to change my ticket so that I can stay in Melbourne for the film festival instead of going to Fiji.
More as it comes.

IMG_7023The best part of Byron, though, has to be how whenever Tom went to the beach he turned into a giant, and then danced around like a huge Michael Jackson.


Jesse said...

Joel, sometimes you can just eat cake and that's okay.

Anonymous said...

Cake and eating it comes to mind. Jolly good. What no lemonade?

T's D

Anonymous said...

i just had cheesecake before I read the blog,and battenburg yesterday and walnut and date the day before, and lemon drizzle the day before that, but I haven't been to the beach recently or danced like Michael Jackson or anything exciting like that. we having a sort of summer here, supposedly belated this year, September, so you'll be back just in time for September sunshine and more cake.....glad to see and hear that Joel is well now, and that Tom is putting all is culinary expertise to good use.
Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Loved the poetry pie, yummy.

is it kosher to use somebody's blog to say hello to somebody else who might be reading it? Well, it it's not, who cares anyway. Just wanted to say hello to Bernie and could not post it to your blog without some more messing about with passwords, logins.......


Also hello to Tom wherever you are (Meredith's), Oonagh - Cambodia???
Duncan - home???? Joel - in a cake shop someplace?